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Carnival Camp
Week 1: May 31 – June 3
This week prepare yourself for a week of crazy carnival fun! Enjoy super fun carnival team activities, art & crafts, games with prizes, yummy treats and more! Closed Memorial Day.

Medieval Times
Week 2: June 6 – 9
How would your kids like to be transported back into a world of knights, ladies, and medieval times this summer? We will be jousting with noodles, juggling, and a having huge feast at the end of the week!

Camp Cretaceous
Week 3: June 13 – 17
The Cretaceous Period was the last and longest segment of the Mesozoic Era. It lasted approximately 79 million years, from the minor extinction event that closed the Jurassic Period. We will explore plants, animals, and the extinction event!

No Place like Space
Week 4: June 20 – 24
3-2-1 BLAST OFF! Campers will be adventuring to the unknown of outer space. This week’s space cadets will participate in a moonwalk, create their own spaceship, and explore the planets! We will talk about constellations and how they were used to help explorers find their way.

Party in the USA
Week 5: June 27 – July 1
Party from state to state. This week is full of activities themed around each state.

Friday they will enjoy 4th of July activities!

Under Construction
Week 6: July 5 – 8
This week the children will feel inspired to find the little architect in them. They will be fascinated to learn about the huge vehicles and materials used for construction. Then they will use their creativity and imagination to build their own houses and fun structures using recycled materials! Closed July 4th.

Mad Science
Week 7: July 11 - 15
Camp will be a fascinating journey into the world of science and easy science experiments! In the laboratory of the mad professor, everything explodes, hisses and sparkles, but the main thing is that everything is safe.

Color Me Crazy
Week 8: July 18 – 22
With paint, glitter, glue sticks, and a little imagination, campers will learn to express themselves through art!

Ahoy Matey’s – A Pirate's Life
Week 9: July 25 – 29
Would your pirate enjoy exploring the ocean, painting their own flag, and seeing what floats when pushed off the plank? These are just a few of the awesome activities taking place here at pirate camp!

End of Summer Fun
Week 10: August 1 – 4
Join us for a week of fun filled with jump castles, water days and exciting activities!

This last camp will be a week to remember!