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Backyard Bugs 
Week 1: May 28 – May 31

Summertime is the perfect time to teach your future entomologists all about insects. Whether we are digging through the mud or jumping through the leaves we are sure to find some creepy crawlers roaming around. Engaging preschoolers in bug-themed activities is a fantastic way to introduce them to the fascinating world of insects and spark their curiosity about the natural environment. Bugs are captivating creatures with unique characteristics and behaviors, making them a perfect subject for hands-on exploration and learning. This week we will learn the ins and outs of what bugs do for our environment, different bugs, and their body parts!

Zooming Through the Decades
Week 2: June 3 - 7
This week we will be doing a decade a day! This is an amazing and fun way for the kids to learn about the history of the United States! We will start in the 1960s as we talk about all the new technologies that were coming around, music, clothing styles, the peace signs.  We will then move to 1970 as we watch technology change, new T.V shows come around and fun new fashion trends as we dash towards the 1980’s. 1980’s we are learning about all the fun video
games, and new trends! We will end the week with the 1990’s and 2000’s. This is where we will see the increase in Apple products, change of clothing styles, and internet!

Blowing Off Seam 
Week 3: June 10 - 14
This science camp will blow the others out of the water. We will work on rockets, volcanoes, catapults, and much more. This week will be explosive.

Under the Sea
Week 4: June 17 - 2

We are taking a splash into the ocean! The kids will explore the endless mysteries of the sea. The kids will embark on a journey as they learn about the different levels of the sea and all the fun marine life. They will become little marine biologists. As well as learn about ways to clean and protect our oceans.

The Great Outdoors
Week 5: June 24 - 28

A week of smelling the fresh air. The kids will learn about the great outdoors including weather, trees, plants, and other things that the wilderness has to offer. The kids will also learn about safety when camping as well as all types of animals that can be found. Nature provides countless opportunities for discovery, creativity, problem-solving, and STEM education. Interacting with natural environments allows children to learn by doing and experimenting with ideas.

Going Green 
Week 6: July 1 - 5.

We are going green! The kids will learn the importance of reuse, recycle, and reducing trash around the world. We will work together to build using only recyclable items. The kids will also be learning about growing different plants and food items.  This is sure to be an exciting and resourceful week! 

Space is the Place 
Week 7: July 8 - 12
Attention all astronauts! We will be blasting off in space this week. The kids will be exploring the Milky Way as they learn about planets and stars. We will be writing to NASA this year. We will learn about astronauts, astronomers, and Space Medics. This week is sure to be out of this world!

Dino Camp
Week 8: July 15 - 19
Dinosaur Summer Camp will take your kids on an adventure back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the Earth! Learners of all ages will have a blast playing and learning with all of these dinosaur theme sensory bins and activities.! In this dino summer camp kids will learn all about fossils, volcanoes, paleontology and more through hands-on experiments and activities!

The Mighty Jungle
Week 9: July 22 - 26

Take this opportunity to let your children explore the jungle world through a variety of learning activities. We will learn all about animals, plants, and jungle life. We might even see Tarzan along the way.

End of Summer Fun
Week 10: July 29 – Aug. 1
This week is all about blowing off steam before the new school year! The kids will play group games and explore the
outdoors. We will end this week of this week with a big jump castle to end the fun on an exciting note.

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