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If you would like to provide a monetary donation to help our school with its various costs - from special events, to repairs, to classroom supplies - please click the link provided! All donations are appreciated, and you are always welcome to donate via our Amazon Wishlist or to bring items (supplies, toys, etc) into our school instead!

Currently all of the funds that we are collecting through fundraisers are going towards our goal of obtaining canvas covers for both our playground and our outdoor classroom!

Amazon Wishlist​

By clicking the link provided, you can find a school wishlist for all of our classes that include a few special items that are still needed! Our teachers work hard preparing their classrooms and creating an exciting learning environment for your children, and we would love to help them receive some of these items! We truly appreciate our families here at Lowcountry Learners!


Lowcountry Learners is always looking for fun, energetic, and creative people to join our team! Please click the link provided to find out more about our career opportunities!

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