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Lowcountry Learners is an early childcare learning center and education provider.
Our goals are to encourage learning in a creative environment through exploration, to build lasting friendships, and to help each child feel empowered with self-confidence and encourage independence.

Our curriculum includes STEM  (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) which is a vital part of our children's future. We offer our students rewarding hands-on learning experiences that are geared to their age group. 

The engaging programs and projects are designed to excite the children about STEM topics and empower them with self-confidence with the feeling of accomplishment! Each classroom is also equipped with its own Smartboard to promote interactive learning. Our Staff establishes routines that are consistent in order to help each child flourish. We are committed to the children learning and believing that educators are important role models, as well as our educators knowing and understanding they are important role models to the children. Working together, this helps ensure that developmental goals and confidence are gained while at Lowcountry Learners!

Our Philosophy

Our belief is that children experience the best growth when they feel secure and are in a loving atmosphere. Therefore, Lowcountry Learners provides a warm, caring, gentle, loving, clean, comfortable and safe environment for each child. Our center uses constructive guidance and positive reinforcement. We help encourage respect for each other and the willingness to express feelings. The mutual respect and collaboration between parents, teachers, staff, children and peers are of vital importance in helping our students meet their goals of independence and self-awareness.

Our History

Lowcountry Learners Preschool opened its doors for the first time in May 2017 and has been enriching young minds ever since. 


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