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2K Preschool Class

The foundation of our Preschool Program begins here.  Developing socialization skills with friendships, critical thinking, problem solving, patience, and responsibilities are just a few things we teach here at Lowcountry Learners. Our curriculum readies them for entering the 3K class with the confidence to move forward and continue to grow academically. STEM-based activities to go along with our curriculum will be implemented with our interactive smart boards, hands-on classroom activities, and in our outdoor classroom. The alphabet along with phonetics will be introduced this year. Eating independently and potty training is practiced throughout the year to help promote independence.

3K Preschool Class

Our Lowcountry Learners Team understands that this age is an exciting, yet challenging, time for children. Children are naturally inquisitive, and we feel strongly that our curriculum keeps them captivated while gradually teaching them to work more independently. In each class, we continue our STEM-based curriculum with some hands-on activities. We focus on giving your child a solid foundation in preparation for 4K, while also developing their cognitive and fine motor skills. Our goal is to give them confidence with what they have learned at Lowcountry Learners so that they are off to a great start in 4K!

4K Preschool Class

School readiness is our priority. We strive to develop your child physically and academically. Our program includes science, technology, introduction to blending and reading, phonetics, engineering, art, and basic math. Implementing hands-on STEM activities with our curriculum keeps our children interested. We will help to develop their social and emotional skills throughout the year. Our goal is to help them feel confident and to be Kindergarten ready!



Lowcountry Learners now offers music classes! Children thrive learning through music. Our children will talk about instruments, beats and much more. They are learning how to use and coordinate their bodies so that they can become independent, learn more complex skills and as they get older. Music and movement activities give kids plenty of opportunities to learn that certain activities have multiples steps and that they go in a certain order. This is a great way to practice sequencing. Creativity, self-expression, gross and fine motor skills and literacy skills are just a few other things children can learn from music! 

Sign Language
Through play, American Sign Language is a fun language to learn. Preschoolers will love it because you can teach signs through music, stories, games and hands-on activities.

Learning American Sign Language…

  • helps develop their gross and fine motor skills.

  • develops their confidence.

  • offers a fun and playful way to learn and remember a variety of core concepts such as ABCs, Numbers, Colors, and more.

  • helps develop their focus.

  • helps develop a stronger bond between parent and child.

  • accelerates speech development.

  • helps with vocabulary.

Art Show

Each year our parents look forward to our annual Art Show! These art projects include tile, plate, canvas and abstract masterpieces created by our very own little learners! These are definite keepsakes to cherish and they also make wonderful gifts for friends, family, and all other loved ones! The money raised from this fundraiser goes directly towards our art department.

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